About Me

Hello, and welcome to Cowbell Cross Stitch!

I am so excited to unveil my range of cross stitch and blackwork patterns. Here I have combined all my favorite things into cross stitch, especially Celtic knotwork, music, and humor.

I am an Irish American ex-pat native New Yorker now residing in a small rural village in Ireland.  This simple but beautiful art of cross stitching and blackwork cowbell cross stitch wedding patternrequires only a few supplies, but they were not easy to find in rural Ireland. So rather than traveling to places like Dublin and Belfast to find the things I was looking for, I decided to make my own. A few friends saw my patterns and they loved them. Before I knew it I was making patterns for people who heard about me through word of mouth, and the only supplies I had back then was some colored pencils and graph paper.  So my friends encouraged me to start selling my patterns to a wider audience. Gradually, I began see that maybe there was a gap in the market for new and trendy cross stitches patterns that were a bit more modern than flowers, kittens and teddy bears.  I did find some newer patterns online that were not your usual fare, but they tended to be crass and crude.  I decided to set out to make my own subversive and funny cross stitch patterns that were funny without the vulgarity and four letter words. I wanted something clever enough to be funny, but not so crude that they couldn’t be hung on the wall of your home or office.

Now, I have an established shop on Etsy, which caters to all things handmade, and I have also launched my own Cowbell Cross Stitch website.  You can browse my Celtic knot designs, wonderfully intricate blackwork designs, personalized wedding patterns,  witty motivational patterns, and musically inspired band logo designs, and of course the tastefully subversive. The surprising combination of artful design and humor create a juxtaposition that satisfies the need for creating something beautiful while being light-hearted and funny. I hope you’ll agree, theses patterns are modern, sophisticated and witty, but still classy enough to want to hang them in your home, whether it’s in big town America or small town Ireland. After all, you don’t have to be crude to be funny.

Cross stitching and needlework have always been a community activity, with friends and family, young and old coming together to learn and practice a craft that gives as much joy and satisfaction in the making as in the completed pattern. I would hope that you will join in, and participate in this community of cross cross stitch slide 4stitchers from across the globe. Please like my facebook page, follow on twitter or pinterest, or simply sign up for my mailing list.