Hold Him A Little Longer

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Hold Him A Little Longer cross stitch pattern. This pattern can be stitched on any Aida or evenweave fabric. I designed it with an 18 ct ecru aida in mind, although any of the lighter colour aida would be suitable. You can use any count of aida you like, but be aware that the lower counts are usually easier to stitch, and the higher counts will result in a smaller finished product.

Grid Area: 234 x 234 squares
Finished size on 18 ct Aida: 13 x 13" approx
Finished size on 14 ct Aida: 17 x 17" approx

This is digital file of cross stitch pattern, not a finished product. It is easily downloadable, and is available immediately after payment. You will need Adobe reader to open the files, which you can get free from get.adobe.com/reader.

With your purchase you will get a PDF file that includes the pattern chart with the design shown 3 ways:
1. Pattern chart of symbols in colour.
2. Pattern chart of symbols in black and white.
3. Pattern chart of virtual stitches to see intended finished product.

Also included is a detailed set of instructions to help you get started.

*Again, this is a digital file that you will download and print yourself.

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