Fleur De Lis

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Modern twist on a classic French emblem, the Fleur de Lis pattern can be stitched on any Aida or evenweave fabric. I designed it with a 14 ct white aida in mind, although any of the lighter colour aida would be suitable.

Design Area: 100 x 117 stitches
Grid Area: 120 x 137 squares
Finished sized on 14 ct Aida: 7 x 8.5" approx
Stitch Type: Full Cross Stitches
Skill Level: Beginner

This is digital file of cross stitch pattern, not a finished product. It is easily downloadable, and is available immediately after payment. You will need Adobe reader to open the files, which you can get free from get.adobe.com/reader.

With your purchase you will get a PDF file that includes the pattern chart with the design shown 3 ways:
1. Pattern chart of symbols in colour.
2. Pattern chart of symbols in black and white.
3. Pattern chart of virtual stitches to see intended finished product.

Also included is a detailed set of instructions to help you get started.

*Again, this is a digital file that you will download and print yourself.

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